If you don’t experience ASMR sensation, you can create it by repeating a simple action like tapping on a pencil, looking through a book, or playing with your hair.

You can also use a variety of tools like ASMR Massage Balls or ASMR Stamps to help you feel the tingles.

New video tutorial series: How to feel ASMR tingles (with or without external triggers)

Or you can use ASMR videos on YouTube to help you feel the tingles.

Try out these ASMR videos below to get started:

2. ASMR Role Play

ASMR role play is a popular category of ASMR videos. It combines the pleasant sensation of ASMR with the thrill of acting in a story. In an ASMR role play video, you will act out a character in a story. You can be a doctor, a friend, a cheerleader, a teacher, a baker, or any other character. The role play can be an existing character, or an original character created by the ASMR artist.

The videos usually start with a short introduction of the character, and a brief description of the role play. Then the video will show you interacting with another person in a casual setting. The role play usually involves you giving advice, giving a massage, or performing a task. Here are some examples:

3. ASMR Reading Role Play

The ASMR reading role play is a popular category of ASMR videos. In the reading role play, you will read a book from beginning to end. You’ll discuss the title, the author, the plot, and the characters. You’ll tell the story in a natural manner, and explain the details of the story. You can also do the reading role play with a comic book or a graphic novel. Here’s an example of a reading role play:

ASMR reading role plays are a great way to improve your public speaking, storytelling, and storytelling skills. You can also use these videos to explore the books that you want to read.

4. ASMR Storytelling

An ASMR storytelling video is similar to the reading role play. The difference is that you will use your natural speaking voice to tell a story. You can tell a story about a personal experience that you had, or a fictional story that you created. Here’s a popular example of an ASMR storytelling video:

If you want, you can narrate the story along with the video. ASMR storytelling videos are a great way to improve your public speaking and storytelling skills. You can also use the storytelling videos to create an online community.


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